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Accounting and Budget Department

The Accounting and Budget Department is responsible for originating, analyzing, interpreting, and supplying accurate and reliable financial information. The financial information includes the following:

  • Consolidated General (International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Teamsters National Headquarters Building Corporation) and Defense Fund financial statements for presentation by the General Secretary-Treasurer to the General Executive Board on a quarterly basis, as well as financial statements for related organization.
  • All Governmental Tax and Information Returns for all funds (i.e., LM-2, 990, etc.)
  • Financial records for the Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education (DRIVE) Department.

The department also administers the International Union’s insurance policies and oversees and processes all financial transactions relating to the worker Health and Safety Training Grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health and other government grants.

The Accounting and Budget Department is comprised of six basic sections: General Ledger, Budget, and Reporting; Accounts Payable; Travel Expense, Payroll, Pre-Audit and DRIVE.

  • General Ledger, Budget, and Reporting section is responsible for maintaining the general ledger, budget information, and preparing accounting reports and analyses.
  • Out-of-Work Benefits section processes out-of-work benefit payments regarding collective bargaining and certain recognitional matters.
  • Accounts Payable section is primarily concerned with processing vendor invoices.
  • Travel Expense section audits and processes travel expense reports.
  • Payroll section is responsible for payroll disbursements along with related tax and informational reports.

Mitzi Montemore, Director
Phone (202) 624-6817
Fax (202) 624-8108


Affiliates and Automated Records Department

The Affiliates and Automated Records Department records all per capita tax payments and other receipts applicable to the International Union. The department communicates regularly with our affiliates on matters such as issuance of new charters, processing revised charter applications, mailing lists, procurement of all seals, surety bond coverage for affiliates, and group exemption with the IRS. With the Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer, the department is also involved in requested waivers of dues and fees as required by the International Constitution.

The department comprises three sections:

  • General Secretary-Treasurer Files and General President Files: Maintains all records in accordance with records retention requirements.
  • Per Capita Tax/Supplies: Audits local unions' Monthly Remittance Statements and accompanying per capita tax payments. Coordinates requests for supplies from the Supplies Order Form. Maintains membership information.
  • Report and Roster: Maintains mailing lists for the Teamster Magazine, and coordinates affiliates' requests for mailing lists for their publications. Maintenance of Official Election Report Forms and publication of the Roster of Affiliates.

Hollis Hypes, Director
Phone (202) 624-6966
Fax (202) 624-8110


Capital Strategies Department

The Capital Strategies Department works to build Teamster power in the capital markets. With roughly $100 billion invested in equity assets, Teamsters are working to reform how Corporate America does business—ensuring that Teamster money works for Teamster members. By demanding responsible corporate behavior Teamsters are encouraging better corporate performance over the long-term, and greater opportunities for workers to have a voice on the job to secure fair wages, benefits and working conditions.

Carin Zelenko, Director
Phone (202) 624-8100
Fax (202) 624-6833



The Communications Department works closely with International Union departments, divisions, and affiliates to spread information on union programs and goals to members, their families, retirees, allied organizations, public officials, the news media, and the general public. The department also promotes Teamsters concerns and campaigns to the news media, and responds to media inquiries.

To communicate with Teamsters members, the department produces the Teamster Magazine, which keeps 1.4 million members and retirees, informed about Teamster programs, their rights on the job, and ways that they can get involved.

The Communications Department works closely with other International Union departments—including Government Affairs, Safety and Health, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Training and Development, Organizing, and the Trade Divisions and Trade Conferences—to prepare print and audio-visual materials, and to help coordinate campaigns for Teamster members.

Bret Caldwell, Director
Phone (202) 624-6911
Fax (202) 624-6918


DRIVE Accounting Department

The DRIVE Accounting Department is responsible for activities regarding National DRIVE, the political action committee of the International Brotherhood Teamsters. National DRIVE is a separate segregated fund registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The Department processes the Voluntary Authorization Cards to allow for Teamster membership participation in National DRIVE. The Department is responsible for the registration and compliance with the FEC and state campaign finance regulations. Teamster membership contributions to DRIVE are processed through payroll deduction and DRIVE Accounting Department is responsible for the collection and recordkeeping of all receipts received. All candidate and committee contributions are processed through the DRIVE Accounting Department. DRIVE Accounting Department fulfills requests for DRIVE information from Teamster local unions, joint councils, trade divisions and conferences and the General Executive Board.

Colleen Brady, Director
Phone (202) 624-6821
Fax (202) 624-8796


Economics & Contracts

Newly created as part of the International Union’s commitment to increasing union membership, the Teamsters Economics & Contracts Department serves the local affiliates and Teamsters Trade Divisions/Conferences as a key source of financial, statistical and agreements information.

With connection to the most powerful electronic databases available today, the department provides local affiliates and International Union personnel with corporate research and economic trends for use in both collective bargaining and organizing. The department maintains the largest contract database of any union in North America, with more than 250,000 current and expired Teamster labor agreements.

If your local union is currently participating in our pilot study, click here, to upload your latest ratified and signed contracts.

Jim Kimball, Director
Phone (202) 624-7456
Fax (202) 508-6412


Federal Legislation and Regulation

Teamster solidarity can bring about better working conditions on the job and Teamsters can work together to influence national and state government policies that impart working men and women. On behalf of the union, the Federal Legislation and Regulation Department coordinates that activity—lobbying in Congress, testifying before congressional committees and federal agencies, coordinating with the White House and executive branch departments, activating union members to meet or communicate with elected officials, supporting efforts by Teamsters to protect their interests in state capitals, and building political power.

Fred McLuckie, Director
Phone (202) 624-8741
Fax (202) 624-8973


Field and Political Action

The Department of Field and Political Action is responsible for mobilizing Teamster members and affiliates for collective action. With 1.4 million active members, Teamster members working together can be a powerful force for change.    

Because so much of what the Teamsters Union wants to accomplish politically costs money, a main focus of the Department of Field and Political Action is raising funds into the DRIVE PAC. The Teamsters DRIVE PAC is our main political fund that we use for advocating on behalf of all Teamster members to the U.S. Congress and to state legislative houses.  For non-Teamsters, a new fund has been created called TEAM Fund. This fund allow non-members (family members and friends of Teamsters and Teamster retirees) to contribute to a Teamster political action fund.

The Department of Field and Political Action mobilizes Teamster members and affiliates around campaigns for national contracts, federal and state legislative campaigns, and federal, state and local political campaigns. The department accomplishes this by energizing Teamster members to take direct action, as well as helping Teamster affiliates build their own member mobilization infrastructure. Field Representatives live and work in all regions of the United States, raising DRIVE money, electing Teamster candidates, educating Teamster members and building our political program.

Christy Bailey, Director
Phone (202) 624-6993
Fax (202) 624-6992


Human Rights Commission

The Teamsters Human Rights Commission takes pride in the strength that is drawn from the diversity within the Union’s ranks. Further, it recognizes that different physical and cultural qualities such as "race, age, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities or national origin" make individuals unique and deserving of respect. The Commission has been structured as a partnership in diversity to build better lives for all Teamsters. Therefore, the General President has appointed State and Provincial Coordinators to develop educational programs tailored to individual needs. The mission statement of the Human Rights Commission is "Diversity Works!" Several other programs fall under the umbrella of the Human Rights Commission:

  • Disaster Relief Fund — A 501- (c) 3 IRS charitable fund developed in 1991 to assist Teamster members who have suffered a loss from a disaster long after the media has forgotten. The fund receives donations from Local Unions and their affiliates and is currently developing a fund-raising plan to support the need. Through this fund, we can make a difference. Donations can be made by check payable to "Disaster Relief Fund" and mailed to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.
  • Community Services — Developed to assist Teamster locals across the United States and Canada with community service needs. A Community Services truck is currently housed at Local 135 and travels the country, as do many of the local union vehicles, when called upon for assistance. Teamsters are known as "People Helping People" whether through organizing assistance, strike line support, charitable support or labor education.
  • The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund - Established to assist the children of Teamster members with their college education. Scholarship benefits have changed several times over the years, but have assisted thousands of children through grants received from the IBT General Fund. In November of 1999 the General Executive Board established the creation of the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund. As a 501 (c) 3 IRS non-profit, the fund raises money for future scholarships. Applications for scholarships can be obtained by calling your Local Union or via this web site. Tax-deductible donations can be made by check payable to the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund and mailed to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.

Antonio Christian, Director
Phone (202) 624-7471
Fax (202) 624-7457


Information Systems Department

The Information Systems Department services the data processing requirements of the International Union headquarters and our affiliates. Applications at the International Union headquarters include, among other things, DRIVE accounting, implementation and support of the International Union’s accounting functions, development of a new accounting package for the Teamster Affiliate Pension Plan, implementation of a new payroll system, contract retrieval system, and other strategic applications.

This department presently processes the mailing lists for the International Union magazine and other mailings as required through interaction with the TITAN database. Information Systems also provides the source for the mailing lists applicable to the United Parcel Service Master Agreement, National Master Freight Agreement, and the National Master Automobile Transporters Agreement.

The TITAN (Teamsters Information Terminal Accounting Network) System is a local union dues accounting system and communications network that allows more than 95 percent of our affiliates to effectively administer their dues accounting and record keeping functions. In addition, it provides electronic message transmission capabilities to and from our affiliates connected to the network or International Union offices, in less time than it normally takes to make a phone call.

The Computerized Bookkeeping System (CBS) automates the Manual for Local Union Secretary-Treasurers. It eliminates the required manual entries necessary to complete the Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursement functions of the required bookkeeping system for our affiliated local unions and joint councils. The system also provides the option of producing checks, which further reduces the time necessary to complete the monthly and annual financial reports.

Assigned to the Information Systems Department is a staff of TITAN Field Representatives who are regularly dispatched to our affiliates for the purpose of training office personnel on the TITAN System, computerized Bookkeeping System, and, if applicable, the Manual Bookkeeping System.

David Martin, Director
Phone (202) 624-7480
Fax (202) 624-6849


International Auditors

As required by the International Union Constitution, there is a staff of International Auditors assigned to the Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer. The primary purpose of the International Auditors is to perform procedural and compliance audits of our affiliates. In addition, they provide services to our affiliates in understanding our required bookkeeping systems: TITAN—Computerized Bookkeeping System—Manual Bookkeeping System.

Richard Bell, Executive Assistant to the General Secretary-Treasurer
Phone (202) 624-6840
Fax (202) 624-8110



The Teamsters International Union Legal Department offers expert advice and assistance on a broad range of labor law issues. An experienced in-house legal staff is well versed on the laws and regulations affecting Teamster affiliates and members. Each Teamster Division is assigned a staff attorney who is familiar with the issues and concerns of that Division. The department also works closely with other departments to help the International Union and its Locals win strong contracts.

Gary Witlen, Director
Phone (202) 624-6945
Fax (202) 624-6884



The Organizing Department coordinates the organizing activities of Teamsters throughout the country. The department is available to assist local unions, joint councils, and trade divisions and trade conferences in establishing organizing programs, supporting local campaigns, developing budgets, recruiting and training volunteers, and providing materials.

The Organizing Department also helps to coordinate industry-wide and company-wide organizing efforts, participates in joint organizing campaigns with other unions, and assists in mergers and affiliations.

Jeff Farmer, Director
Phone (202) 624-8718
Fax (202) 624-6832


Safety and Health

The Safety and Health Department coordinates the Teamsters’ safety and health programs. The department serves as a source for technical advice and training for members, local officers, and joint councils dealing with occupational safety and health and transportation safety problems. In addition the department helps represent members’ interests during collective bargaining and on regulatory matters in all aspects of the safety and health field.

Specifically, department staff can provide assistance on issues such as: workers’ rights under OSHA and DOT, truck safety, chemical hazards and "right to know," medical qualifications for drivers, drug testing, exposure monitoring and ventilation, and work-related injuries.

The department also administers a hazardous waste and hazardous materials handling training program (EPA Superfund, Department of Energy, and Department of Transportation) conducted throughout the United States, and can assist locals in setting up safety and health committees and training programs.

LaMont Byrd, Director
Phone (202) 624-6960
Fax (202) 624-8740


Strategic Research and Campaigns

The Strategic Research & Campaigns Department develops innovative strategies and campaigns to help win justice and better treatment for workers who want Teamster representation. To help address this challenge, the Department of Strategic Research and Campaigns was created with the primary mandate of countering vicious and sophisticated anti-worker, anti-union campaigns from the management of national and multi-national companies.

The department works primarily with the Organizing Department and relevant Trade Divisions to neutralize corporate opposition to priority organizing, first contract, and key contract campaigns. The department deploys teams of researchers and campaigners focused on core industries, employers, and campaign targets, with the goal of developing and implementing innovative corporate leverage activities.

Our researchers and campaigners are also available to respond to critical needs of local unions and Joint Councils.

Iain Gold, Director
Phone (202) 624-8700
Fax (202) 624-6910


Training & Development

The department creates programs and materials to train Teamster officers, staff, stewards, and members on topics of concern for the Union. The department works to encourage member involvement in securing better contracts, organizing new members, winning better laws, and strengthening local unions.

The department sponsors the Teamsters Leadership Academy, which provides training on all subjects vital to local leaders, bargaining, organizing, political action, and all aspects of union administration. The department also conducts educational programs for joint councils and local unions on the role of the steward, effective bargaining and building membership participation. The department works closely with International Trade Divisions and Trade Conferences to enhance their meetings/conferences. All programs and materials are continually updated to meet the needs of Teamster locals throughout North America.

The department serves as advisor to the Teamsters Human Rights Commission to develop programs and materials relevant to human rights issues. The department also provides staffing to support special projects like contract campaigns, and works closely with other IBT departments to better serve the needs of Teamster officers and their members.

Cynthia Impala, Director
Phone (202) 624-8117
Fax (202) 624-6851

Retiree Health Insurance

This program consists of several different benefits for Teamster retirees. These Teamster benefits can help you and your family cut the rising cost of health care.

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