The divide in pay between top executives and regular workers is out of control. A recent Bloomberg News calculation concluded that chief executives on average take home 204 times more than their rank-and-file employees.

The Teamsters continued the battle against dangerous Mexican trucks, asking for a rehearing on the decision to keep the border open.

Every year on May 1, workers around the world celebrate the trials and triumphs of working people. This year, May Day comes with a bold soundtrack thanks to Tom Morello, the Nightwatchman.

Boston Teamsters will again form a human shield to prevent the Westboro Baptist Church hate group from disrupting Wednesday's funeral for slain MIT officer Sean Collier.

Excessive corporate power is causing the standard of living to fall for 90 percent of Americans, according to David Cay Johnston, a Syracuse University law professor.

Johnston recently published a book called 'The Fine Print,' which describes how corporations get rules and regulations written in their favor so they can milk Americans, a penny at a time.

The EPA has discovered radioactivity in the Missouri landfill that exploded last month, but won't say how much.

The landfill, which is on fire, is owned by Republic Services. Sanitation baron Bill Gates is by far Republic's largest shareholder, owning about 25 percent of the company.

As President Obama said in his inaugural address, America "cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it."

Not even the very wealthy can continue to succeed without a broader-based prosperity. That's because 70 percent of economic activity in America is consumer spending. When most Americans are becoming poorer, they're less able to spend. Without their spending, the economy can't get out of first gear.


Teamster General President Jim Hoffa fired up the historic crowd at a Capitol protest, saying "We found out that Snyder is for sale. Michigan's not for sale! Governor, we're going to win this fight."

Hoffa marched to the Capitol leading a contingent of Teamsters from Michigan locals. Teamsters also came to the rally from Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

People are noticing the extraordinary work of Teamsters who helped the New York region recover from Sandy.

The Red Cross sent out a memo yesterday that'll make you proud to be a Teamster:

The American Red Cross has received extraordinary volunteer support for Sandy relief activities from Teamster Union members within the most devastated areas in New York and New Jersey and throughout the country.

In our efforts to boost economic mobility in the United States, we cannot afford to overlook the contributions of labor unions. Increased union membership is associated with higher income mobility, greater upward mobility, and lower downward mobility. Other policy options, especially increasing the quality and availability of education, are vitally important. But the contributions of unions are overlooked at our own peril. Rebuilding the strength of the union movement is critical to increasing economic mobility and restoring the middle class.