Highway drivers are never happy to see a 120,000 pound, six-axle rig come barreling along side them at 70 mph. The reason is simple: they’re dangerous.

By General President James P. Hoffa
Elizabeth Warren, the chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, knows better than anyone what's happened to the bailout money that middle-class taxpayers so generously gave to Wall Street and the automakers.

Ablelom Zerfiel sat in the cab of his 1992 Freightliner, waiting in a long line to drop off his empty cargo container at the Port of Oakland.

The CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was on the hot seat on MSNBC’s “Morning Meeting” over the Chamber’s “American Free Enterprise” campaign.

After nearly two decades of booms and busts that have yielded little in the way of economic gain for the typical household, Americans have developed a profound distrust of the markets, financiers, big business and the capitalist ethos.

We were reminded yesterday of the recent Whole Foods boycott that's been gaining steam in the past month.

Our nation’s rail system remains vulnerable to a terrorist attack, blogs Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa on

Crystal Lee Sutton, 68, formerly Crystal Lee Jordan—on whom Sally Field’s Norma Rae was based—died last Friday of brain cancer. Her insurance company at first had refused her treatment, then after two months relented, but the cancer moved too fast, and Sutton died.

The New York Times' Ross Douthat argues, uncontroversially, that the tea-party protests, townhall outbursts and related appendages aren't about specific health care proposals but, instead, are motivated by a more generalized anger over what is happening in Washington:

Teamsters are telling the ugly truth behind the pretty exhibits that are part of Colombia’s latest campaign to get a trade deal with the United States. Teamster members took part in a demonstration involving hundreds of human rights and fair trade advocates outside of Washington’s Union Station on the day after Labor Day.