• American Airlines mechanics and related workers have come together across the country to organize with the Teamsters. In the midst of the airline’s bankruptcy, furloughs and a possible merger with US Airways, AA maintenance employees are mobilized and determined to become members of the largest union for airline mechanics and related employees in the country. The Teamsters Union and the Teamsters Airline Division is committed to supporting the over 10,000 mechanics and related in their drive to win the superior representation that only the Teamsters can bring.

    To learn more about the campaign, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters page here.  

  • Around the country, school bus and transit workers are joining together and working to make real improvements in their jobs and lives. The workers are standing up for good jobs and safe, reliable school bus services in our communities. In their effort to organize, they are making sure they have a voice at work, are bargaining as equals with the employers, and are working to ensure that they are all treated fairly and with respect. More than 27,700 School Bus and Transit workers have organized with the Teamsters since the campaign since Spring 2006.

    To learn more of this campaign, and to show your solidarity with these workers, please visit their site.

  • While US Airways posts record profits, its 4,600 mechanics and related employees are tired of being treated like the airline is still in bankruptcy – and they are fed up with the substandard IAM representation that has allowed them to fall to the bottom of the ladder in their industry. The workers are engaged in an organizing drive to change their representation and become Teamsters. They are tired of concessions to management and want the protection of a Teamster contract, especially as they look toward a possible merger with American Airlines. The Teamsters and the Teamsters Airline Division looks forward to bringing US Air mechanics and related the strong representation that they deserve.

    Click here to learn more about the US Airways Fresh Start Campaign.

  • A Taxi Cab Operators Association web page is available at this address: The website is by and for taxi drivers, and we welcome articles, info, etc. to post.

  • A long struggle by 65 port drivers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach culminated in a historic first contract that raises their pay by $6 an hour, provides paid overtime, sick leave and holidays, a pension plan, a far more affordable health care plan with zero change in coverage, guaranteed shift hours and other job security provisions.