Teamsters Industries
  • This division represents more than 80,000 workers in the aviation industry in every craft and class.

  • As you bite into that snack cake or admire the fresh linens in your favorite restaurant, take a moment to think of the Teamsters who brought it to you.

  • The Brewery and Soft Drink Conference is the beverage trade division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We bring together all of the Teamster locals in the U.S.A. and Canada with membership employed in the brewing and soft drink industries, as well as allied industries such as fruit juices, wine coolers, bottled water and can manufacturing.

  • The Carhaul Division proudly represents nearly 12,000 workers across the United States who have a strong impact on all of our lives, safely transporting all newly manufactured cars and trucks in the United States and Canada.

  • The Teamsters represent more than 35,000 dairy employees nationwide. These employees are pasteurizers, cheese cooks, gallon filler operators, and yogurt processors, to name a few job descriptions in the industry.