Teamsters Industries
  • The Teamsters Public Services Division is privileged to serve the more than 260,000 Teamster public employees across the country.

  • The Teamsters Rail Conference is the organization created by the mergers of the BLET and the BMWED into the Teamsters Union. The BLET represents locomotive engineers and trainmen in the United States who work on freight and commuter rail lines.  The BMWED represents all maintenance of way workers in the United States who work on freight and commuter rail lines. Currently, there is a total membership of 70,000 between the two unions.

  • The Teamsters Solid Waste, Recycling and Related Industries Division currently represents more than 32,000 members and our goal is to aggressively organize the more than 180,000 unorganized workers in our industries.

  • Teamster tankhaulers make a big difference in all our lives, but most people are unaware of their contribution. Tankhaul drivers keep homes warm, fuel tanks full and life-sustaining oxygen flowing to people who need assistance breathing.

  • The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division represents Teamsters members who install trade shows and conventions, work in hotels and casinos, and operate buses, limos and moving vans throughout the United States.