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Vendors Licensed To Use IBT Insignia

The following is a list of vendors that are signatory to the Trademark License Agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) which grants permission to use the official IBT insignia. A link from the website is provided for all affiliates to access the vendor list.

The IBT is the owner of many federal trademark and service mark registrations, including, but not limited to, the official IBT insignia and the official IBT Centennial insignia.

The Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer maintains and continuously updates the list of all licensed vendors. It should be noted that the list is only as current as the date viewed and should be revisited frequently for any updates as vendors are added, information edited, as well as deletion of vendors. Moreover, any vendor used by an affiliate should be able to also produce a current and valid Trademark License Agreement for verification purposes; however, if you have questions, contact the Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer to determine whether a vendor is currently signatory to the Trademark License Agreement.

Vendors who are not signatory to the Trademark License Agreement are not permitted to reproduce any of the official IBT insignias. Moreover, even if signatory to a current and valid license agreement, no vendor has authority to alter the IBT insignia in any manner. This prohibition includes super-imposing anything in such a manner as to cover any part of the insignia. Affiliation references, such as local union, joint council, or conference names and numbers may only be applied above, below, beside or encircling the official IBT insignia.

All affiliates are reminded that it remains the policy of the International Union that use of any of the official IBT insignias can only be granted to a unionized company using union-made goods produced in North America. Therefore, please ensure that any of the official IBT insignias are adhered only to goods that are union-made in North America by companies signatory to the Trademark License Agreement with the International Union.

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting the official insignias of the IBT.

Click here to download the latest copy of the vendor list.

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